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Shutter Range – Quality Materials

range antigua


This is our most popular product. It offers exceptional durability and low maintenance. Constructed with a strong engineered wood core and covered with an extruded protective polypropylene coating, the Antigua range is an excellent choice if you’re looking for elegant & hardwearing interior plantation shutters.

range bermuda


Hybrid construction of polypropylene-coated MDF frames and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) panels. This MDF/ABS range closely resembles the lightweight and natural paint finish of real hardwood shutters and is available in a wide range of colours like white shutter blinds.

range cuba


The Cuba range combines robust engineered MDF wood frames with high-quality lightweight panels and louvers, offering a premium option for hardwood wooden shutter blinds at reasonable prices.

range fiji


Suitable for a multitude of installations and window shapes, Fiji is available in a choice of wood stains and paint colours. Manufactured from premium hardwood this product features a distinctive wood grain & quality wooden shutter blinds.

range java


Manufactured from lightweight ABS and 100% waterproof, Java is the perfect solution for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens that are prone to moisture and humidity. White shutter blinds are available in java range.

range samoa


This range is crafted from white teak when stained and ayous wood when painted and is a premium grade hardwood product. An optional hidden hinge feature is available with the Samoa Range.

Shutter and shade


Unlike traditional blackout blinds, the Shutter & Shade solution has an integrated room darkening blind, sitting snugly in its own channel, eliminating most light bleed from outside. As the frame overlaps the blind, you get a beautifully designed shutter to suit your interiors, as well as a stylish shade too which comes in over 10 different colour options


This time-saving extra lets you control your shutters via a remote, simply and effortlessly, at the touch of a button. The intelligent design stops the motors if anything blocks the motion of the louvres, making this a safe choice for younger children with inquisitive fingers

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