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plantation shutters wigan

looking to give your wigan home a new lease of life? plantation shutters could be the answer. great for virtually all interior windows and doors, they give you the flexibility to control light and privacy and are designed to make a subtle style statement, framing your windows and perfectly complementing your interior décor. based in the town centre, horizon shutters is your go-to supplier of plantation shutters in wigan. using our finely honed skill and expertise, we can help you to transform your living space into something stylish and sophisticated. so, what are you waiting for? choose horizon shutters for plantation shutters in wigan today and benefit from our free design, measure and quotation services.

window shutters wigan

when it comes to dressing windows, window shutters are an excellent alternative to standard blinds and curtains. designed to match your style needs, they’re also made to measure and can be fitted to any arched, bay or bathroom window. if you live on a noisy street, window shutters can keep noise and disruption to a minimum – helping to retain privacy. plantation shutters are also great for adding value and character to your home. easy to keep clean, they are made from high quality materials – meaning they will still be looking good for many years to come.

aside from adding charm to your home, window shutters can also improve privacy and light control – making them a stylish yet practical window covering.

with so many options available, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice when choosing interior window shutters in wigan. here are just a few examples of the different types we have on offer:

bay window shutters

bay windows are a beautiful feature in both modern and traditional homes. given their size and design, they allow natural light to flood into a room but, unfortunately, they fail to filter light and can compromise privacy. it’s for this reason that bay window shutters prove extremely popular.

got a curved, angled or boxed bay? no problem – all our bay window shutters in wigan can be made to fit any style.

shaped window shutters

shaped window shutters accentuate the shape of your window rather than concealing it. we highly recommend shaped window shutters in wigan if you have an awkward or unusually shaped window that needs covering (i.e. round windows, gable ends, barn and loft conversions).

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door shutters wigan

something many people forget about plantation shutters is that they’re not just reserved for windows. they are great for doors too and can be custom-fitted to just about any french, sliding, or patio door.

apart from giving your home a brand new look, door shutters in wigan offer unrivalled privacy, preventing onlookers from seeing in – which in turn enhances your security. they also allow you to control how much light enters the room.

arguably the best thing about our door shutters in wigan though, is it that they don’t obstruct the doorway – no need to worry about them getting caught in the door (something which happens all the time with drapes and curtains!).

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bathroom shutters wigan

shutters are not only a stylish window dressing for the bathroom, they are the most practical too. we supply an abs option which is 100% waterproof. this fabric is incredibly lightweight and resilient and – unlike traditional coverings, such as venetian blinds – won’t distort, fade or become damp. it’s designed to cope with the high levels of humidity and moisture that are present in the bathroom.

there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to bathroom shutters in wigan. the best ones for you will depend on the size, style and location of your window. for example, full-height shutters are ideal for tall narrow windows and will entirely cover the window, offering maximum privacy. whilst café-style shutters cover the lower half of the window and are ideal for wide windows, providing a balance of privacy and light.

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alternatively, why not give us a call on 01744 520 711 to discuss your requirements further with one of our specialists? we will happily walk you through the different options available and help you to establish the best interior plantation shutters for your home in wigan – taking into account your requirements, taste and budget.