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Why Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are not only a stylish solution to your window dressing needs, but they can also increase the value of your home, save you money on your energy bills and will often last a lot longer than traditional window coverings. We are proud to sell the best quality products available on the market and we are lucky enough to stock the worlds best selling plantation shutter!

Control the temperature in your room

Whilst looking stylish and contemporary, plantation shutters will also help to reduce the cost of heating your house and with the current increase in utility bills this is becoming a key aspect of why people are choosing to opt with plantation shutters. Windows are the primary source of heat loss from a room and recent studies have shown that interior plantation shutters can reduce heat loss by up to 64%! We can offer MDF, hardwood and PVC shutter ranges unlike many other companies in the market.

Plantation shutters not only help to keep the heat in the room during the winter, but they help keep the room cooler during the hot summer months. recent studies have shown that shutters can reduce solar energy transmittance (gtot) from 0.85, with a standard double-glazed window, all the way down to 0.15. 

Due to the natural design of plantation shutters, louvres can be operated separately in various sections of the installation, unlike traditional blinds and curtains which give very little flexibility on how much or little of the window is covered. The major advantage of this is the freedom to block out glaring sun light in part of the window, whilst allowing natural light and air to flow through other parts.

Our price promise

No flimsy gimmicks. No sales talk. No false promises. Just quality products, professional service and reasonable pricing.

Improve the value of your home

Installing plantation shutters in your home is a considered purchase as they are often a permanent fixture in the house for over a decade. Due to this, the appearance of plantation shutters when selling a property can not only add to the overall kerb appeal but can be an incentive for prospective buyers. This is a key consideration for customers when choosing plantation shutters in their home. Whilst the initial cost may be higher than a traditional window covering, the long-term benefits can often outweigh the initial outlay.

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Easy to maintain

A common issue with traditional window coverings such as curtains and blinds are the maintenance of the product. Whether this be having to steam clean curtains or have full blind installations replaced due to faulty or broken parts. A major advantage of having plantation shutters is not only the robust nature of them, making them difficult to break, but the convenience of being able to replace small parts of the installation at a fraction of the price of the product, something not associated with traditional blinds. This therefore gives shutters generally a much longer life span than traditional blinds. Where as blinds and curtains often need removing and cleaning, plantation shutters are UV sun protected and do not absorb dirt, therefore just requiring a dust down every so often and a wipe down to remove any spills or fingerprints. 


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Fabulous shutter and fabulous service. I definitely recommend Horizon Plantation Shutters Ltd and will utilise their services in the future.

Suzanne Halligan Avatar Suzanne Halligan
October 16, 2022

Very polite..helpful and very good choice. Recommended to all people I know

tracey seddon Avatar tracey seddon
December 16, 2022

So happy with our new French door shutters. Plus great customer service from the team at Horizon, from the initial call through to installation. Would highly recommend and will definitely use again!

Sophie K Avatar Sophie K
October 16, 2022

Excellent service by Horizon Shutters from measuring up to being fitted. After 2 other quotes that were more expensive we chose Horizon and I’m glad we did. They provided a very professional service and the shutters look fabulous. I would definitely recommend this company.

Patrice Dwyer Avatar Patrice Dwyer
August 16, 2022

Bespoke made

Ever seen a window that looked messy? Have you ever looked at the blinds and noticed they don’t fall in line with the window? This is where plantation shutters excel. When measuring plantation shutters, the window is measured exactly to each point to allow us to make a bespoke product for your window. This creates a seamless and clean look from both the inside and outside with the lines of the shutters falling in line with the lines of the window. Bay windows benefit greatly from this aspect. Plantation shutters will be measured and installed to complement the shape of your window covering gaps in between the window and at the ends, unlike traditional blinds which are often in sections causing them to look messy and leaving a high level of light leakage in the room.

We can provide various materials for your window needs

MDF – our entry level MDF range covered in an extruded polypropylene coating. A very hard wearing and robust product making it suitable for busy homes which is why its the worlds best selling shutter.

Wood – made from premium hardwoods such a paulownia making it not only a beautiful and stable product but giving it one of the highest strength to weight ratios in the market. This a perfect product for large installations or bespoke shapes.  

Plastic – manufactured from a lightweight and hardwearing ABS, this is the perfect solution to bathrooms and wet rooms as it is 100% waterproof. We can also provide a PVC product.

We are that confident in all our ranges we offer a 5 year warranty on both the workmanship and the product!

Picking plantation shutters can often be daunting and we find customers come to us with lots of questions (often with lots of confusing answers online). We offer a hassle free at home survey where one of our trained surveyors will talk you through the options available, recommend a solution suitable to your home and explain the process of ordering shutters with us. click here for a free survey.

Shutter and Shade


Unlike traditional blackout blinds, the shutter & shade solution has an integrated room darkening blind, sitting snugly in its own channel, eliminating most light bleed. As the frame overlaps the blind, you get a beautifully designed shutter to suit your interiors, as well as a stylish shade too which is hidden behind the shutters.